3 Ideas to Bring French Country Charm to Your Home

Ideas to bring French Country Style Home

Take a dab of rustic charm and a whole lot of elegance and that's where you'll find French Country Style. The old world character and charm of French Country makes it inviting, yet eloquent. While there are many elements that make up the French Country look, there are three that stand out in my mind...


 Whitewashing has been around for a long time. Traditionally a lime paint was used to cure wood, especially for surfaces in kitchens, where food would be prepared because the whitewash solution had antibacterial properties.

Today, whitewash is more for fashion than functionality and the process is to achieve a certain look and doesn't necessarily even involve lime paint. Often, ordinary white paint is simply watered down and brushed over a wooden surface to give the whitewash look.

This whitewashed table is the perfect setting for a simple, yet elegant centerpiece of flowers and greenery.

 Via Pinterest.com

The whitewashed flooring below actually reminds me of the wooden floor in a ceramics shop that my mom used to work in. Of course that look was achieved by years of spilled paint and ceramics dust. =)

 I just love the way this floor looks old and dusty even though it's clean.

French Country White Washed Floor

I would love LOVE to have a whitewashed ceiling like this. Isn't it beautiful?

French Country White Washed Ceiling


Though it was first produced in Ireland in the 18th century, Toile quickly became all the rage in France and continues to be considered a mainstay in French decor.

Toile is available in various colors and can be found on everything from bedding, as seen below...

French Country Toile Bedding

to window treatments such as this kitchen window valance. Typically toile features pastoral scenes of farmlife, birds, florals, etc, but in recent years there has been a resurgence in its popularity and now there many more designs to choose from.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron items have a very French feel to them. If you've ever seen the gorgeous French inspired ironwork of New Orleans' French Quarter, you know what I'm talking about and if you haven't, you definitely should check it out.

Below you see wrought iron features such as the chandelier, the stools, as well as in the decorative trim beneath the kitchen island.

French Country Wrought Iron Decor

Wrought iron bed frames, like the one below, with their ornate design add elegance and charm to living spaces and bedrooms alike.

French Country Wrought Iron Bed

What are some of the ways you add a touch of French Country style to your decor? Let me know in the comments. =)