Give Your Style a Lift with a Pop of Turquoise

It's amazing the difference a little bit of color can make... especially when that color is the perfect shade of blue/green.

 Liven up your kitchen area with turquoise dishes, bowls and other accessories

Dress up an otherwise plain wall with an ornate framed mirror. You don't have to spend hours finding the perfect shade because painting a frame is an easy DIY project that you can accomplish in a very short time.

Add fun and functionality to your living space with a painted piece of furniture. This gorgeous distressed turquoise dresser is just one example. The possibilities are endless.

Turquoise Pillows and throws add an instant lift to any decor. As you can see, these accessories look especially vibrant when contrasted against a white background.

 Set your table with some turquoise glassware and dishes, treat your windows to some colorful blinds and display a variety of turquoise shades behind glass or on open shelving. Turquoise seat cushions also add a nice touch to these stark white chairs.

Don't forget the Bathroom! Incorporate turquoise into your decor with a shower curtain, towels,  washcloths, and other essentials and decorative accessories.

If you want to really jazz up a room, give it a splash of style by using various shades to paint a wall turquoise or ombre as seen below.