Simple DIY sign Project to Add Warm Farmhouse Feel to Your Home

Decorating your home just the way you want can seem difficult, maybe a little overwhelming,  BUT it doesn't have to be.

That's what I love most about Farmhouse decor; Farmhouse Style is one of those forgiving interior design options that can be easily pulled off for less money than you might imagine and the little imperfections only add to the charm.

Am I right?

And what's one thing every Farmhouse home needs?

A gorgeous vintage wooden sign like the one below...

Liz from over at Love Grows Wild offers us a sneak peak into her book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, as she guides us through the process of creating this Farmhouse Vintage Market Fresh sign.

It's very gracious of her to share a project featured in her book, which by the way, is amazing.
From Easy Open Shelving,

 to Lime Washed Furniture, 

to getting that perfect Cracked Paint Finish; 

it's all in there and so much more!

Great projects for all levels of DIYers, beginner to advanced...

 SO, If you're into gorgeous photos, easy to follow DIY tutorials and Farmhouse style, you'll really have to check this one out.

Being the information junky I am, I couldn't resist. I can't even stress enough how chock full of ideas it is for easy and affordable ways to add Farmhouse style to your home...

and if nothing else, you can page through the gorgeous photos and daydream, Not to mention, it also makes a great coffee table book so it's the perfect gift for anyone who's into rustic or Farmhouse style.